About Me - J.Edward Photography

James believe everyone's photos should capture the essence of who you are.......


I believe that every couple, and therefore every wedding I photograph will be unique, and sure, tradition plays a big part. Capturing your story throughout the day, the interactions between you both and your guests, and your choices that define your wedding and make it different to any other. I get such pleasure knowing that i'm creating some of the most treasured moments a couple will ever share. Pictures that can't be recreated but which define the essence of your relationship and your special day. My photography is all about capturing the real moments and emotions, be it the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, little glances to one another as you read your vows, or the release of energy on the dance floor when you realise what an amazing day you've just had! 


My passion for photography began at 11yrs old when my parents purchased my very first camera: a FinePix Z110. Wow,  I'm next David Bailey I thought..... Iv'e travelled the world taking snap shots then the digital age was born. My attentions were drawn towards media rather than photography. 10yrs ago my passion for photography was reignited through a request to capture a friends wedding; those treasured moments, energy, and emotions in a fleeting moment. I went back to night school learning new processes of photography, post workflow, completing workshops for advanced studio work. My journey continues every day while I'm married to my camera 'so my wife says....' but every moment I capture is personalised, creative and dedicated to the subject.